Meet the Team


Professor Andrew Beggs 

Principal Investigator and Head of the Laboratory

Andrew is a professor of Genomics and Surgery at the University of Birmingham.

He is a cancer geneticist, who undertook his PhD in the laboratory of Professor Ian Tomlinson whilst he was based at the University of Oxford, followed by a post-doctoral period as a Wellcome Trust Clinician Scientist at the University of Birmingham.

He was awarded a Cancer Research UK / Royal College of Surgeons Advanced Clinician Scientist fellowship and promoted to professor in 2020. 

He is also a Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

Our Scientists

Dr Mo Elasrag 

Bioinformatician and Post-doctoral scientist  

Dr Neeraj Lal

Academic Clinical Lecturer, post-doctoral scientist, General Surgeon

Dr Elaine Leung

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer (Gynaeoncology), Post-doctoral translational scientist

Ms Samita Patel

Research Technician, Specialist in tumour spheres, 3D tissue culture 

Dr Maria Pinna

Post Doctoral Scientist, Human Cancer Models

Ms Charlie Poxon

Research Technician, Genomics Birmingham Team

Dr Anetta Ptasinska

Post Doctoral Scientist, Genomics Birmingham Team

Dr Victoria Simms

Post Doctoral Scientist, Early Cancer Diagnosis Research

Dr Joanne Stockton

Post-doctoral scientist

Ms Louise Tee

Research Technician, CRISPR specialist and PhD Candidate

Ms Celina Whalley

Research Associate, Methylation Array Specialist

Ms Rachel Wheat

Research Technician, Specialist in IHC

The Students

The lab hosts numerous full-time PHD, Masters and Undergraduate students as well as students / postgraduates on observerships, work experience placements.

Helen Bermingham

PhD Candidate, Clinical Research Fellow, General Surgery Registrar, UK

Helen Robbins

CRUK PhD Candidate, Oncology Trainee, UK

Lina Antoun

PhD Candidate, Clinical Research Fellow, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Registrar, UK

Shafquat Zaman

PhD Candidate, Clinical Research Fellow, General Surgery Registrar, UK

Rebecca Lefroy

MD / PhD Candidate, Clinical Research Fellow, General Surgery Registrar, UK

Louise Tee

PhD Candidate, Cancer and Genomics


Mr Mark Dilworth

MD 2013-2015, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, UK

Ms Aneta Drodz

Masters in Bioinformatics, 2020

Dr Neeraj Lal

PhD 2014-2017, General Surgeon, UK

Dr Thomas Nieto

PhD 2016-2019, Transplant Surgeon, UK

Dr Nabil Quraishi

PhD 2016-2019, Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr Sally Hallam

PhD 2017-2021, General Surgeon,

Dr Oliver Pickles

PhD 2018-2022, Oncologist, UK

Dr Toju Sillo

PhD 2018-2021, General Surgeon, 

Dr Robert Tyler

PhD 2018-2022, General Surgeon, UK

Dr Agata Stodolna

PhD 2017-2022

Dr Kasun Wanigasooriya

PhD 2018-2022, General Surgeon, UK

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2nd Floor, IBR West, The College of Medical and Dental Science, UoB, Vincent Drive
Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, GB

About us

The Beggs Lab is based at the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Science at the University of Birmingham. We research cutting edge cancer genetics, focusing primarily on colorectal, oesophageal cancers and sarcomas. We also run the human next generation sequencing facility within the College of Medical and Dental Sciences within the University of Birmingham and provide diagnostic services for the Sars-COV-2 novel Coronavirus.

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